[Music] Under the Influence of Giants

Posted: August 31, 2006 in Uncategorized

Last week while watching some lame reality show on MTV, at the end of the show I caught a minute of a video/tune that just sucked me right in. It was kind of weird, kind of funky, kind of fun, just very hard to describe. My very first impression was something of a modern hybrid cross between the Bee Gee’s and B-52’s. I saw the name of the song was “Mama’s Room”. So I ran to my iTunes store and looked it up. Turns out the band was called Under the Influence of Giants. In moments I was sampling the entire album and pretty much every sample I found engaging, in different ways. The price for all 12 tracks was $7.99 so I figured at $0.67 a song I couldn’t go too far wrong. I also bought one of the remixes of Mama’s Room which I also recommend.

I burned the album onto a CD and listened to it the next day. And then promptly fell in love with every track. This hasn’t happened to me in a long, long time. It just felt so fresh and interesting, the sounds often reminiscent of different (much older) styles and bands, yet distinctly new and fun. It went from weirder, high energy material, to slower pop songs, to fun mid-tempo tunes. I ate it all up and have since listened to the full CD around 10 times. Give it a sample if you get a chance!


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