Windows Vista Mojave Experiment

Posted: July 30, 2008 in Vista

I’ve discussed pros and cons of Vista a lot in many forums, so I thought this worth discussing.

I am by no means a Vista fanboy, not even close, and I actually wonder about the type of people they found to do this experiment, but it certainly does give you pause to think.  Just how easy it is for word of mouth to affect, and in some ways, INFECT, our consciousness these days, particularly with the internet. They aren’t joking when they use the word “viral” advertising.  Now I suppose just be spreading this link I’m playing a part in the same game, but such is life.  

This effect, particularly in the gaming community, I see it all the time. Someone says something bad about a game, the next guy agrees and jumps on it, and before you know it the game has been crucified as worst game of the year (yes I’m talking about Hellgate London in particular, but other games as well to a lesser extent).  Often times the originator of the first “review” never even played the game, or maybe hated the genre to begin with.  Anyway, I’ve always been of the opinion that people need to give things a fair shake and make up their own mind. You can always jump on the bandwagon and bash it later )

As for Vista, I never had the issues people complained about.  There were a couple of minor annoyances such as when it asked for permission for everything, but I figured out how to turn that off soon enough.  The latest computer I purchased came with that “feature” thankfully disabled.  In terms of compatibility, only a couple of minor programs and drivers had issues early on, but that was all soon fixed once vendors had ample time to upgrade.  In terms of stability, the OS has been as stable as XP SP2 ever was, if not more so.  I do get some quirky behavior every now and again (the computer refuses to shut all the way down), but aside from that it’s been fine.  I know other folk have had similar experiences.

And yet somehow the masses in general have been convinced Vista is a disaster.  The Mojave thing is probably an exaggeration, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it weren’t too far from reality in a lot of places.  Given my Apple fandom (big blog update coming soon!), you’d think I should commend them for finding ways to constantly undermine PC/Microsoft.  While I do think it’s been an amusing journey to watch unfold, I also think it’s been way overblown, and people who buy into it without actually thinking for themselves should probably take a few moments and make sure they know they aren’t just brainlessly following the herd.


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