This is a mobile test

Trying out the new iPhone interface for WordPress. It’s been a long while since I posted anything here. Looks like they’ve completely overhauled the entire app so it appears exceedingly easy to just drop in and post some inane banter. Fantastic! Will see in a second if this was successful or not.

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The riTTlist

This is mainly for myself to keep track of release dates of upcoming stuff I’m interested in: movies, games, hardware, etc. I’ve been bummed out a lot lately so it’s nice to look somewhere and see things to look forward to. I call it my riTTlist – going to try to keep it up to […]

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iPad: It’s Been One Week…

…after exactly one week spent with the iPad, I can honestly say for certain it’s made a successful and appreciated transition into my life. For what it’s worth, this blog post is the first time I’ve touched my Macbook since the iPad arrived. There was one time when I instinctively went for the Macbook to […]

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